Inspecta is a digital solution that helps companies that receive parts from their suppliers, or send them to their customers, to increase the acceptance levels of their shipments.

It allows the construction of dgital inspection plans in a dynamic way, setting tolerance ranges, associating technical specifications and visual aids so that once built, an inspector validates and approves a batch before its physical shipment. This makes work much faster, avoiding document digitization, downloading images to later consolidate and send via email. The INSPECTA app allows this activity to be carried out from a mobile device and notifies the auditors that a plan has been uploaded for their review, all the recorded data can be consulted later on its web platform.

Main benefits:

  • Increase the quality of the pieces that are sent or received.
  • Reduce rework and scrap levels that lead to material rejection.
  • Identify volumes and reject trends.
  • Set clear quality expectations.
  • Improve the supply chain process.

Aura proposes a business model under the annual subscription to each module of the ecosystem of these services, increasing income for each integration of new functionalities for quality management.